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601VIII-54201024-04-2018Fifth Industrial Tribunal M/s Eastern Technicians, M/s Bharat Chemicals and Paints, M/s Mana Contractors, M/s Haldia Enterprise, M/s Sarkar Construction vsM/s Tata Chemicals Thikadar Mazdoor Union
602VIII-107200719-04-2018First Industrial Tribunal M/s Metro GaragevsSri Chhotte Lal Bhartia
60302201323-03-2018First Industrial Tribunal M/s Visual Securas LimitedvsShri Ratan Mullick
604VIII-11201023-03-2018Fifth Industrial Tribunal M/s Hindusthan Engineering and Industries LimitedvsShri Trilochan Swain
605VIII-10201023-03-2018Fifth Industrial Tribunal M/s Hindusthan Engineering and Industries LtdvsShri Degh Narayan Mahato
606VIII-06201520-03-2018Fourth Industrial Tribunal M/s Suhana Rubber ProductsvsSuhana Rubber Products Permanent Shramik Union
607VIII-16201609-03-2018Third Industrial Tribunal M/s Nilima Matri Sadan Nursing HomevsSunil Kumar Laha
608VIII-30201216-02-2018Fifth Industrial Tribunal M/s MSA India LimitedvsMSA India Limited staff and Workers Union
609VIII-152200525-01-2018Eighth Industrial Tribunal M/s Dabur India LtdvsCalcutta Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Small Scale and Distributing Employees Union