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A. Constitution of the Board:

As per provision of sub-section (1) of section 18 of the Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1996 the West Bengal Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board was constituted in the year, 2005 vide Labour Department memo. No. 1182-IR/EIL/IA-18/20049 (Pt.) dated 20th September, 2005 and in the year 2011 vide Notification No. 965-IR dated: 16.09.2011 to exercise the powers conferred on, and perform the functions assigned to, it under this Act.

The Minister-in-Charge, Labour Department is the Chairman of the Board, the Secretary, Labour Department Vice Chairman and Labour Commissioner, West Bengal Executive Vice=Chairman of the Board.. The Secretary of the Board is the Chief Executive Officer of the Board, who is appointed by the Board with the prior approval of the State Government. At present one Additional Labour Commissioner, West Bengal is functioning as the Secretary of the Board from its office at 6th Floor, B-Block, New Secretariat Building, 1.K.S.Roy Road, Kolkata-700001.

B. Functions of the Board:

The functions of the Board have been detailed in the provisions of Section 22 of the Act. As per provisions of Section 22(1) of The Building & Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment &Conditions of Service) Act, 1996, the Board may-

a) Provide immediate assistance to a beneficiary in case of accident;

(b) Make payment of pension to the beneficiaries who have completed the age of sixty years;

(c) Sanction loans and advances to a beneficiary for construction of a house not exceeding such amount and on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed;

(d) Pay such amount in connection with premia for Group Insurance Scheme of the beneficiaries as it may deem fit;

(e) Give such financial assistance for the education of children of the beneficiaries as may be prescribed;

(f) Meet such medical expenses for treatment of major ailments of a beneficiary or, such dependant, as may be prescribed;

(g) Make payment of maternity benefit to the female beneficiaries; and

h) Make provision and improvement of such other welfare measures and facilities as may be prescribed. The Regional Labour Offices under the Labour Commissionerate are functioning as the Regional Offices of the Board .The services of all officers, inspectors and staff under the Labour Commissionerate are placed on partial deputation to the Board. At present all Assistant Labour Commissioners and Inspectors posted at blocks and municipalities act as Beneficiary Registering Officers under the Board in their respective jurisdiction.

C. Activities of the West Bengal Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board:

i) Welfare Measures: The Board provides the following welfare measures to the beneficiaries registered under the Board: a) Accidental Benefit – Hospitalization & Disablement benefit b) Medical expenses- Treatment for major ailments including surgery c) Financial Assistance to T.B. Patients d) Maternity Benefit e) Death Benefit-Accidental & Normal Death Benefit f) Pension Scheme- Self/Family Pension, Invalid Pension g) Financial Assistance for Education of Self/Children of Beneficiaries h) Funeral expenses. i) One time reimbursement up to a maximum of Rs.2,000/- to each beneficiary for purchasing tools j) Cost of spectacle upto Rs.500/- to each registered beneficiary k) Purchase of Bi-cycles/purchase of warm clothes/ different sorts of equipment or clothes as per requirement of construction workers @maximum Rs. 3000/- to beneficiaries as one time measure, l) Marriage assistance m) Birth of girl child n) Hearing Aid and o) Refund of subscription.

Details of the benefits as provided by the Board are as follows:

Benefits Amount ( in Rs.)
Assistance for accident  
For treatment 10000/-
For disablement 50000/-
Pension (Monthly rate)
For beneficiary 750/-
Family 375/-
Assistance for death  
Natural 50000/
Accidental 150000/-
Assistance for education