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The Directorate of Factories is the apex body for registration, approval of plan and issuance of licence for the factories in the state under the Factories Act. It primarily looks after the implementation of the Factories Act, 1948 for ensuring safety, health and welfare of the workers inside the factory premises. It is primarily engaged in fulfilment of goals in respect of safety, health & welfare of the factory workers inside the factory premises by preventing possibility of accidents, and occupational health hazards such that any person can work inside the factory without fear. Mitigating deprivation of factory workers by attending complaints, elimination of occupational diseases and industrial disasters are also the major goals of this Directorate. Besides, the Directorate also administers different labour related Acts & Rules, conducting seminars, safety related training programmes and industrial hygiene related surveys. It is also responsible for looking after the Safety and Health conditions of the Building and Other Construction Workers in the state of West Bengal.

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1 Approval of Factory Plan Under Factories Act, 1948
2 Registration & Grant of Factory Licence Under Factories Act, 1948
3 Renewal of Licence Under Factories Act, 1948
4 Amendment of Licence Under Factories Act, 1948
5 Transfer of Licence Under Factories Act, 1948
6 Submission of Reports and returns Under Factories Act
7 Accident Investigation and Reporting Under Factories Act