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116-04-2019Guidelines for providing financial assistance to the distressed workers of locked out industriesDownload
227-03-2019General Elections 2019 - exemption to filling stationsDownload
308-03-2019Minimum Wages - Construction or Maintenance of Roads or in building operationsDownload
408-03-2019Minimum Wages : Refractory IndustryDownload
508-03-2019Minimum Wages: Cold StorageDownload
608-03-2019Minimum Wages: Glass IndustryDownload
708-03-2019Minimum Wages: Employment in engineering units employing less than 50 personsDownload
808-03-2019Minimum Wages: Security ServicesDownload
908-03-2019Minimum Wages: Manufacture of Rubber productsDownload
1001-03-2019Go-Live Order: Declaration of Assets Management SystemDownload
1128-12-2018Gazette Notification regarding elimination of requirement for renewal of registration under the West Bengal Shops and Establishments Act, 1963Download
1211-12-2018Extension of date for submission of Expression of Interest for Actuarial Valuation and Investment ManagementDownload
1330-11-2018Regarding Surprise Inspections and Inspections based on ChecklistsDownload
1430-11-2018Regarding Certification by Boiler EngineerDownload
1530-11-2018Regarding Online Submission of Single Integrated ReturnsDownload
1602-11-2018Expression of Interest for Actuarial Valuation and Investment Management of Samajik Suraksha YojanaDownload
1710-07-2018Advertisement for Engagement of Software Support Personnel (SSP) by Labour DepartmentDownload
1824-04-2018Applications are invited from the retired Judicial Officers for re-employment.Download
1923-11-2017Further applications are invited from Retired Judicial Officers for appointment on re-employment.Download
2025-09-2017Applications are invited for appointment to the post of Presiding Officer, 6th Industrial Tribunal-cum-Commissioner, North Bengal Region at Jalpaiguri, under the administrative control of the Labour DepartmentDownload