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28106-09-2005Notification on meritorious sports personsDownload
28226-08-2005Corrigendum of Notification No. 97-Emp dated 06.06.2005Download
28314-06-2005Partial modification of Memo No. 03-Emp dated 05.01.2005Download
28406-06-2005Notification on Compassionate AppointmentDownload
28508-02-2005Clarification on Vacancies for General E.C.Download
28605-01-2005Clarification the term the Family in Notification No. 301-Emp dated 21.08.2002Download
28712-10-2004Absorption of Attendants attached to Minister and etc in regular EstablishmentDownload
28816-06-2004Appointment in Die-in-Harness cases and Regularisation of AttendantsDownload
28914-05-2003Regarding no maintaining the quota of Notification No 302-Emp dated 21.08.2002Download
29021-08-2002Notification on Exempted CategoryDownload
29121-08-2002Notification on Exempted CategoryDownload
29221-08-2002Notification on Exempted CategoryDownload
29302-08-2001Model 100 Point Roaster of VacanciesDownload
29406-02-2001Inclusion of some Class of Persons in the Exempted CategoriesDownload
29524-08-2000Inclusion of some Class of Persons in the Exempted CategoriesDownload
29612-05-2000Regarding land LoosersDownload
29704-04-2000Model 100 point Roaster for Exempted and other categaries with due regard to statuatory provisions for SCs, STs and other Backwaord Classes.Download
29803-02-2000Memorandum on Census 81-91Download
29903-02-2000Inclution of Persons in E C CensusDownload
30010-11-1999Notification on appointmentDownload