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14115-09-2021Guidelines of Bonus/ Ex-gratia to the workers of public sectorDownload
14213-09-2021All classes of Petrol and Diesel Filling Stations are exempted from the operations on 30.09.2021 for the By-election of WBLADownload
14313-09-2021Grant a Paid Holiday to all categories of workers and employees registered as electors i.r.o. the Assembly Constituencies fixed for Election and Bye-election on 30.09.2021Download
14423-06-2021Extension of date Submission of Declaration of Asset till 30th September 2021Download
14501-06-2021Fawloi Scheme ExtendDownload
14601-06-2021Fawloi Ex-gratia NotificationDownload
14707-05-2021Guidelines to set the Legitimate dues of Workers in respect of Payment of Bonus for the year 2021.Download
14830-04-2021Extension of date of submission of Declaration of Asset till 30th June, 2021Download
14930-04-2021Notification for Shops and Establishment under the WB Shops and Establishment Act 1963Download
15018-03-2021General Elections to West Bengal Legislative Assembly, 2021Download
15123-02-2021Appointment of Sri Tirthankar Sengupta, Addl LC as CEO of West Bengal Unorganized Sector Workers Welfare BoardDownload
15223-02-2021Appointment of Sri Tirthankar Sengupta, Addl LC as CEO of the Executive Council of West Bengal Transport Workers Social Security Scheme, 2010Download
15323-02-2021Appointment of Sri Tirthankar Sengupta, Addl LC as the Secretary of West Bengal Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare BoardDownload
15429-01-2021Attendance at the office on all working daysDownload
15528-01-2021Nomination of Nodal Officer for collection of information for World Bank.Download
15601-12-2020Digital Maintenance of Records and Registers in Online Platform under various Labour LawsDownload
15701-12-2020Notification of Single Application of KMC and Shops and EstablishmentsDownload
15801-12-2020Notification of RTPSDownload
15901-12-2020Digital Maintenance of records and registers in Online Platform under various Labour Laws.Download
16001-12-2020Allow single online application & issuance of a single registration Certificate for Trade License and Shop License.Download