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14131-08-2016Reconstitution of West Bengal State Social Security BoardDownload
14231-08-2016Reconstitution of West Bengal Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare BoardDownload
14301-08-2016Reconstitution of State Advisory Contract Labour BoardDownload
14401-08-2016Reconstitution of West Bengal Tea Plantation Employees Welfare BoardDownload
14528-06-2016Notification regarding Exemption from Boilers ActDownload
14628-06-2016Self-Certification Scheme of Boilers and Economisers 2016Download
14723-05-2016Order for submission of Inspection Reports within 48 HoursDownload
14801-03-2016Revised Provision of Compassionate AppointmentDownload
14931-12-2015Inclusion of persons engaged in 2011 census operation in Exempted CategoryDownload
15023-09-2015Plain Paper application for Compassionate AppointmentDownload
15108-09-2015Changing of Nodal Agency of GATIDHARADownload
15204-06-2015Relaxation in educational in The West Bengal Scheme for Compassionate Appointment, 2013Download
15328-04-2015Memorandum on undertaking of Departments for Compassionate AppointmentDownload
15425-03-2015Census Worker - 2001Download
15510-02-2015Absorption of Attendants attached to the Parliamentary secreaties in regular EstablishmentDownload
15618-08-2014Implementation of GATIDHARA SchemeDownload
15723-07-2014Inclusion of divorcee daughter as Dependent Family Member in West Bengal Scheme for Compassionate Appointment, 2013Download
15803-12-2013West Bengal Scheme for Compassionate Appointment , 2013Download
15918-09-2013Renaming Yuva Utsaha Prakalpa_YUP-2013 as YUVASREEDownload
16029-08-2013Yuva Utasaha Prakalpa _YUP-2013Download