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16125-03-2013Employment Bank PortalDownload
16229-12-2011Procedure to deal with prayer for EmploymentDownload
16302-11-2011Amendment of Notification No. 303-Emp dated 21.08.2002 regarding condition of full pension benifits for prematurity retirementDownload
16401-03-2011Model 100 point roasterDownload
16501-03-2011Notification on 2 percent Vacancies in Gr.-B , C and D for meritorious Sports personsDownload
16604-01-2011Notification on married daughter regarding compassionate appointmentDownload
16730-12-2010Proformar checklist for Employment on Compassionate Ground in Die-in Harness CasesDownload
16805-08-2009Amendment on Udiyaman Swanirbhar Karmasansthan Prakalpa_USKP-2008Download
16915-01-2009Udiyaman Swanirbhar Karmasansthan Prakalpa_USKP-2008Download
17014-08-2008Notification on Compassionate appointmentDownload
17131-07-2008Skill Development for registered job seekersDownload
17225-07-2008Procedure of appointmentDownload
17302-04-2008Notification of Compassionate AppointmentDownload
17401-11-2007Policy of Compassionate Appointment in the undertaking of the DepartmentsDownload
17501-10-2007Clarification of previous GOs on some points regarding compassionate appointmentDownload
17626-06-2007Clarification of the term Employee of Notification No. 97-Emp dated 06.06.2005Download
17719-12-2006Renewal period of Registration Card of registrants in Employment ExchangesDownload
17803-11-2006Time limit of disposal of circulated vacanciesDownload
17927-10-2006Minimum age of registration in the Employment ExchangesDownload
18008-02-2006Memorandum regarding 3 members enquery CommitteeDownload